Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My absolute style icons!

Noemie Lenoir
By far one of the most beautiful women on earth, Noemie has helped me, as a mixed girl myself, to embrace my naturally-curly hair, and make the most of my look.

Pippa Middleton

For those of us that work 9-5, a stylish but corporate wardrobe is vital, and Pippa has the ideal working-woman style which can easily be copied.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria is the embodiement of glamour and poisse, and has acquired a handbag collection to die for.

 the most iconic of fashionistas
the woman whom I think has the most epic sense of style and image...

Kate Moss
Well, she's not the "queen of cool" for nothing! Kate is my ulitmate style icon, with the most chic yet seemingly effortless style.

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